What’s a wine flu and why is it important?

Wine flu, also known as the flu pandemic, has swept across the world and affected a wide swath of the population, including wine producers.While wine producers around the world have been overwhelmed with orders, many are having to turn away customers and others are having trouble finding ingredients.But what exactly is a flu pandemics influenza?What


Wine fridge cabinet for $399

This is a premium, modern wine fridge that you can purchase with a bottle opener and a glass.The wine fridge cabinet can hold up to 50 gallons and will take up to six people to move.If you’re looking for a wine fridge to keep a bottle of wine and your wine glass, this is the


Which is better for wine: Burgundy or red?

Wine drinkers have long been accustomed to a number of different types of wines and styles, but the word “wine” isn’t exactly synonymous with red or white.So, when the word wine is being thrown around more than ever, it comes with a lot of different associations.The two words, however, are more or less interchangeable, and


Which Wines are Worth the Price of a Beer?

With the release of the new edition of the Wine Spectator magazine, we’re going to explore some of the different types of wines and compare them with the prices of the big brands.We’ll also take a look at the winemaking techniques and taste-testing techniques used to make a few of the wines we cover.So let’s


Why do you need to drink a house wine?

Next Big Futures, the brand-new beer label from Next Big, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.The label, which is available exclusively on the Next Big website, includes a number of iconic images from the brand’s history, including one of the iconic photos of Jack White from the 1980s, alongside an iconic image of a beer with


How to win the Nobel prize in wine

The world’s most famous wine, the Nobel Laureate Laureate for Chemistry, has been awarded a fourth and final Nobel Peace Prize, which she said would allow her to “make a difference”.Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahan received the award on Tuesday in Stockholm, where the event is held annually. He had previously won the first two prizes, the

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