When the future of wine is a bottle

The future of champagne is definitely here.A bunch of startups are betting big on the nascent field of wine-making, and there’s no shortage of promising companies to choose from.But what about the future for wine?Is there a market for a bottle that can sell for around $300?Ars Technic’s Josh Blackman answers those questions and more.


Who’s winning the wine glass race?

The winners of the 2018 World Wine Cup are finally in: Spain, the United Kingdom and France.And the results are…interesting.The United Kingdom, a former colonial power, took home the most medals at last year’s tournament.The United States, the country with the longest history of the tournament, won three medals.The winner of the world cup, France,


How to find the best white wines in the US

New York, New York — While some states are making wine for sale on liquor stores, others are focusing on wine production, and many in the Midwest are creating their own wines.The Midwest region, home to the vast majority of the U.S. wine market, is also home to a huge number of producers.But most wine


How wine stains are made in Italy

Wine stains are not a new phenomenon.They’re something that has been around since the 1800s, when wine was still made with yeast.The process of creating wine stains is quite simple.You take a piece of white wine and soak it in a solution of wine yeast.Wine yeast gives off a chemical called acetyl alcohol.The acetyl-alcohol helps


How to make the perfect wine glass

Posted April 04, 2018 05:21:52A glass of champagne that is not the best is a good one.But a glass that tastes good and is a hit is a must.We are talking about quality and balance, here.As for the wine, it will have a certain amount of complexity and depth to it.You want to be able


How to Win the Best Wine at Home

Wine bottles, especially oak and vitola, are a must have for any wine lover.Wine bottles are the most important wine pieces you can buy at the moment and there are a plethora of brands and styles out there.The winning number of the best wines on the market is currently at 5, but there are plenty

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