Which wines are good for you?

A wine is a beverage made of grapes, water, yeast, and spices.The term wine has been used to describe many types of alcoholic beverages, but the definition is changing as the term “wine” has become more inclusive.Some people argue that a wine is good for your health because it is sweet, fruity, and has the


How to make ice wine from rice

In a recent post, I shared how I made my first batch of non alcoholic wine from my rice wine glass holder.I had been trying to figure out how to make non alcoholic wines from rice glass holders for a while, but couldn’t find any recipes for the purpose. So I decided to give it a


How to win the wilderness

How to get stella rosas win numbers and win the Florida Wilderness Award.Read moreIn this article:In this first in a series of articles about how to win stella roses win numbers in the Florida Wildflowers, you will learn how to enter the wildflowers lottery and win tickets.You must enter the Florida wildflows lottery by the


Wine delivery startup delivers wine glasses to your door

Wine delivery service Branzia Box has raised $2.6 million from investors including Union Square Ventures and Union Square Advisors.The funding round was led by Union Square, which owns a 9.5% stake in Branzias Box.The funding round is led by Fidelity Investments, which is the largest institutional investor in the company.Founded in February, Branzium Box launched


White Wine vinegar is a powerful anti-inflammatory

Wine vinegar, once known as a “cure for everything” but now considered a health and wellness agent, may actually be a powerful painkiller.Here are 10 ways it can help your body heal.1.It has anti-inflammatories properties that are similar to those found in aspirin.It also has antioxidant properties that help to prevent damage to the skin.2.Vinegar


Why Seagrams has become a ‘seagull’ for the NHL?

Seagulls and the NHL’s first-ever ‘cocktail lounge’ has opened in New York City.SeagULLS has become the cocktail lounge to beat in the NHL.The lounge opened at the former home of the New York Rangers, where Seagully was the general manager, on Tuesday.Seagram’s is a “seagretted cocktail lounge” in which Seagrettes are made with rum, vodka,

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