Why are some people allergic to alcohol?


The National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, is publishing a study that offers a tantalizing hint for understanding why some people are allergic to certain types of alcohol, or how they can become allergic to some of it.

The study found that, although people can develop alcohol-induced allergies, the most common cause of this type of allergic reaction is an allergic reaction to a specific food or chemical.

“People who are allergic have an immune system that is more susceptible to food allergies than the rest of the population,” said study author Andrew D. Klimas, MD, MPH, of the University of Michigan Health System.

“This is especially true for those with a history of food allergies or sensitivities to alcohol.”

Dr. Kremas and his colleagues found that people who have had alcohol-related allergies are more likely to have a food allergy than others.

“It’s an example of why you can’t always trust the label,” Dr. Klamas said.

“A lot of food and chemicals have been linked to allergies in people.”

He said people who developed alcohol- and food allergies, including those with asthma or other medical conditions, were also more likely than others to have other symptoms that could contribute to an allergic response.

“If someone has asthma, allergies, sensitivities or allergies to gluten or dairy, it’s not surprising that people with these disorders may develop food allergies as well,” he said.

“The findings in this study are important because food allergies are the most prevalent and serious health issue that people have, and people can have serious health problems from alcohol and other substances,” Dr Klimos said.

Although food allergies can be life-threatening, it is possible to have them without developing a food intolerance.

“There are a lot of things that can be done to minimize your risk of developing food allergies,” Dr D. Scott Hahn, a clinical professor of allergy medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, said.

But people who develop food allergy are more than just sensitive to certain foods or chemicals.

They also may have sensitivity to certain medications or foods.

Dr. Hahn said the new study offers clues for what foods to avoid when you’re experiencing an allergy.

“We’ve been talking about food allergies for a long time,” Dr Hahn added.

“We don’t always think of them as allergies, but they are the health consequences of exposure to a substance or a chemical that could potentially trigger a food allergic reaction.”

“Food allergies are a significant health issue in the United States, and I think this is an important reminder for people to be cautious when they’re eating at restaurants or restaurants, especially if they’re on medications, when they are drinking alcohol,” Dr Nilsen said.

In addition to Dr. D. J. Klemens, M.D., PhD, of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Dr. Robert J. Gebhart, MPS, of Yale University School

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