Who’s winning in Australia’s wine tasting? Here’s the scoop


There are a lot of stories out there about the Australian wine industry, with many focusing on how it’s struggling.

And for some, this is no surprise.

But it’s not the only story out there.

Wine is in trouble, and the industry is in crisis.

Here are some of the stories out of Australia’s major wine regions.

The first story, which has been picked up by a number of news organisations, is that the industry has suffered a decline in quality, with consumers increasingly buying more expensive wines at supermarkets.

But there is a deeper story.

A report by Australian Wine Marketing Association (AWMA) and the Australian Wine Trade Association (AUWT) found that the wine industry is suffering from the effects of the global economic crisis.

And the real reasons behind this decline are more complex than the headlines suggest.

For one thing, the recession is taking a toll on Australian consumers.

They’re spending less money on wine and more on food and recreation.

The AWMA’s chief executive Andrew Williams told ABC Radio Canberra this week that the real impact of the recession was not the impact of food and beverage but more than that, it was the loss of employment, which is causing many Australians to leave the workforce and find jobs elsewhere.

And that’s a big concern.

It is a recession, and a recession is an industry in crisis, and Australia’s sector is in a recession.

The key players to the crisis include the big banks and retailers who are being hammered by low interest rates and the collapse of the Australian dollar.

They are cutting their staff and laying off staff, and this has impacted on Australian wine.

As a result, many Australian wineries are seeing losses in the millions.

But as we look at the wine market, we need to recognise that the Australian industry is facing a lot more than just the economic impact of a downturn.

Wine has long been an Australian industry, and is the third largest industry in the country behind mining and manufacturing.

But what happens when the recession hits?

The industry is being hit by a series of things.

There’s the downturn in the Australian economy.

The big banks are going under.

The Australian dollar has been weakened by a significant amount.

There are also many factors which have impacted on the wine business in the last couple of years, including the introduction of ethanol and the growing popularity of wine as a beverage.

In this article, we’ll look at a few of the most important ones.

How the Australian beer industry is going through a tough time.

As the beer industry struggles to stay afloat, its competitors are starting to catch up.

Here’s a look at how beer is doing: Beer’s share of the market has dropped in recent years, from 14.6 per cent in 2009 to 12.8 per cent today.

But the impact on the Australian market has been more pronounced.

As of the end of June, there were 4,711 beer-related restaurants in Australia.

Of those, 4,927 were Australian pubs and restaurants, which means beer was responsible for 3.3 per cent of the total number of Australian pubs in May.

In terms of revenue, Australian pubs make up 11.3 of the 20 biggest beer-producing countries in the world.

But they are still just a small slice of the beer market, which accounts for around 14 per cent.

This is because Australian pubs can’t compete with the global beer market.

The main problem for the beer sector in Australia is that it is still very much a domestic industry, while global beer companies like MillerCoors, AB InBev and Pabst Brewing Co have established offices and distribution facilities in Australia and the US.

So there is still a huge gap in supply between domestic beer companies and international ones.

For this reason, there are still some issues with beer, which are only beginning to be addressed by major global beer brands.

The problem with beer is that, while the industry continues to grow, it has also become increasingly internationalised.

The global market is now dominated by smaller craft brewers and the biggest brewers are in China and Germany.

In Australia, the biggest beer brands have a very different business model to the one that Australian brewers have been relying on for decades.

This has created a huge number of domestic brewers, who have had to compete with foreign brewers.

This isn’t just a problem for domestic brewers; it is also for international brewers.

In Europe, beer is considered a luxury product and has a low level of appeal to consumers.

In the US, the beer boom is taking place alongside the global wine market.

While wine is still the most popular beverage in America, the wine and spirits industries are competing fiercely with one another.

But if wine is going to remain the most sought-after beverage in the US and Europe, it will have to become even more global.

What happens to the Australian whisky industry?

If you want to understand the impact that globalisation is having on the world’s most famous whisky brand, you need to look

14 hands wine who's winning

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