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The holidays are here, and so is the holidays for some of the world’s most celebrated wine brands.

But some have gone beyond the holiday season, and started to celebrate with the world, with the launch of the Marsala Wine brand, launched this week by wine expert Jodi Jardin.

The brand, which will be available on the Marsalas online store, includes more than 100 wines from the Marsas family of producers.

One is an American red wine, the others include British reds and French wines.

The wines are produced by Jardins family in France, Italy, Spain and the US.

The Marsala brand has already been launched in other countries, including Australia, and will be sold at the Wine Spectator conference in London this week.

A spokesperson for Marsala said the Marsals were inspired by a simple concept: the need to capture the essence of a holiday while being accessible to everyone.

“The idea for Marsalabs first wine came from a dream, and it’s not something we could do on our own,” Marsala spokesperson Kate Jardina said.

“We decided to try to recreate the spirit of Christmas with our own family members.”

“We wanted to create something that everyone could drink with a smile and a sense of community.”

She said the company was aiming to become the world leader in this field by offering wines that were available to everyone at no extra cost.

Marsala wines are made by the Marsa family of vineyards in northern France, and have been aged in winemaking cask strength for more than 25 years.

The wine has been developed in partnership with Marsa, an award-winning winemakers in the Champagne region, with support from the French government.

“It’s the most authentic and the best-quality wine we can make, because we’re working in the most beautiful winemapping environment,” Jardinas wine expert said.

Marsa is also responsible for creating other wine brands in Australia, the US and New Zealand.

The company says it will be selling wine at a variety of outlets in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.

Jardini said it was important to include people in the wine, and wanted to do this with Marsala, not just to create the most appealing wine but also for people to enjoy.

“People who live in Europe have an obsession with wine and this wine will not disappoint them,” she said. 

Marsala is launching the brand with a range of products that include a range with a theme such as “Happy New Year” or “Happy Christmas”.

“We have a whole range of wines to suit everybody, and they’re all available for a price that is very reasonable for everyone,” Jadele Jardines wine expert told The Australian.

The family of Marsala vineyards, founded in 1862, are known for producing some of France’s most prestigious wines, including the Sauternes and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

“We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get into the wine business,” Jardi said.

The launch comes as the Marsales face some competition from the likes of Pernod Ricard, which has also launched a line of wine for 2018.

Perno is also selling wine online through its Wine Spectators website.

“You have to go and buy your wine online, which is not the case in Australia,” Jadi said.

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