The Most Amazing Wine-Snobs of All Time


The best wine snobs are the people who know more than they let on, who drink more than their friends do, and who enjoy what they drink the most.

The best snobs spend more time with their wine than their peers, spend more money on wine, and drink more red than white wine.

They’re not interested in finding the perfect bottle or comparing it to the best bottles in the store.

They love wine the way we love cars, music, and the internet.

And they have an obsession with wine that can last decades.

So, what are the best wine-snobs of all time?

They are: An old-timer, a veteran, or someone who has spent years at the top of their game.

The Most Ancient Wine Snobs Are the Snobs Who Live in the Future An ancient wine snob is someone who spends their days trying to understand how wine is made and how it should be stored and enjoyed.

The most ancient wines are made by hand, with a small amount of grapes, and they have very specific and distinctive flavors.

This is why the ancient Greeks and Romans were so fond of their wine: They didn’t just like it, they drank it.

The Ancient Wine snob wants to understand wine better than anyone who grew up in the past.

He/she wants to know what the ingredients are, how they are prepared, how it’s produced, and what it means to be a great wine-maker.

The Wine Snob is a Master Trader An expert wine-savvy person has mastered the art of finding the best wines on the market.

They know what is good, bad, and indifferent about wine, which is why many experts consider them to be the most knowledgeable people in the wine business.

They can find all sorts of wines that are perfect for their palate, but it takes time and patience to master the art.

The wine snoob is also a great communicator, which can make them the perfect partner to your winery.

The Worst Wine Snoobs Are People Who Are Just Not Into Wine Source The Worst Snob of All Times An old man who can only drink one drink a day.

An expert bottle-washer.

A drunk.

A snob who only likes red wine.

An old guy.

An asshole.

An apologist.

A connoisseur.

An alcohol snob.

The Snob who’s Into Wine Is the Worst Snoob Who Loves The World as a Lottery Ticket Source The snob that gets too hung up on the perfect wine will probably be the worst wine snover, because he/she will never be satisfied.

They will buy whatever they want because they’re not satisfied.

The snoobs will never find a great bottle of wine.

The reason they will never like a wine is because they love it too much.

They think it tastes good because they want to.

They won’t buy a nice bottle of a wine because they don’t want to buy a nicer bottle of that wine.

And that’s the problem with all snobs.

They just want a bottle.

The worst wine-smokers are the ones who are so fixated on their wine that they won’t stop to enjoy the world around them.

They have a sense of entitlement and a need to feel special.

They want everything to be perfect, so they can feel better about themselves.

And if the world is just a lot of empty glass, then maybe the wine-snares are just the best people to live in.

They don’t care about the wine and just want to be able to say, “I’ve got that nice wine, thanks!”

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