Which poker hands are the best?

Poker hands are a great way to get a good feel for the cards, and a great test of your poker skills.But if you have an unhealthy obsession with picking a particular hand to win, you’re probably going to be disappointed.You’re likely to lose, and the cards you’ll win may not be as good as


What a time to be alive

The holidays are here, and so is the holidays for some of the world’s most celebrated wine brands.But some have gone beyond the holiday season, and started to celebrate with the world, with the launch of the Marsala Wine brand, launched this week by wine expert Jodi Jardin.The brand, which will be available on the


Which wines are you wearing?

The most revealing aspect of wine tasting is the choice of wine, says wine writer Nick O’Brien.In the case of wine you can choose from dozens of categories and they range from “fresh”, “superb”, “exotic” to “classic”, and that is where it gets interesting.It’s the “classic” category, says O’Briens, that has become the most popular


How to drink alcohol responsibly at the bar

Drinking and drinking responsibly at a bar is essential to a healthy and balanced life.So what can you do to keep your drinking levels under control?1.Avoid using alcohol in public.If you can’t drink at home, avoid all alcohol-related activities, including:• dancing or drinking• driving• playing sports• taking drugs, including alcohol or other illicit drugs• having


Why California’s wine industry is booming again

California is experiencing a wine boom that is not seen in any other state, according to an industry analyst.California’s Wine Institute released its fourth-quarter report on Tuesday, showing a surge in sales of nearly $1 billion in just the past 12 months, and the state is inching closer to a $3 billion wine tax.The state’s


Wines: Is it time to quit?

Wine glasses are an essential part of the Jewish ritual and a way to enjoy your food and drink.But some have become an increasingly popular accessory for women, with a variety of brands offering a range of options for the glasses and cups.Read full storyThe latest news and information on Israel.Please sign up for Israel

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