How to get to and from a wine tasting in Washington state


Washington state has some of the highest rates of binge drinking in the nation, with binge drinking leading to deaths and hospitalizations for nearly one in five people.

We looked at the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to figure out what’s driving this.

Here’s a look at how Washington state is approaching the highest levels of binge alcohol consumption in the country:Wine and beer can be consumed in almost any establishment, from restaurants to bars to bars and restaurants, and wine and beer are the primary types of alcohol consumed in Washington.

That means it’s hard to be sure which Washington residents are drinking more.

We asked you to provide your state of residence, then found the number of people in your state who drank at least one drink per week at least once during the previous week.

That information is available in the table below.

We also asked you for the state’s alcohol consumption during the past month.

For the sake of simplicity, we grouped each state by the number, not by the volume of alcohol that the average person drinks.

We’ve also included the median number of drinks per person.

The numbers in bold above are the median.

For our second piece of data, we asked the public for their top 10 drinking destinations.

We chose 10 of the 20 states that have the highest numbers of binge drinkers, based on the number and type of venues where people drink.

The data below shows the percent of the population drinking in these establishments, with the lowest numbers of people drinking in each category.

We asked you how you drank while you were at the pub, or on the boat, or in the restaurant.

We grouped your drinking into a few categories: beer, wine, wine and liquor, and spirits.

You can find the full data for the top 10 states here .

Here’s a breakdown of the states with the highest binge drinking.

For those interested in looking at the results from our analysis, we’ve included the data for all states from the data above, as well as a breakdown for the 10 states with highest binge drinkers.

The results below show the percentage of the people who drank in each of these categories, and the numbers in the bolded column.

For a deeper look at what’s happening in Washington, we looked at how people are consuming alcohol in other states.

We collected the following data: The number of Americans drinking in Washington (excluding Washington state), and the average number of alcoholic drinks per capita for each state.

We then divided these numbers by the population of each state to calculate the percent drinking.

The number in bold is the percent, with states that had the highest proportion of binge drinkers in the past 12 months.

The states with high binge drinking have a larger share of the country’s binge drinkers than other states, and are also more likely to have high rates of alcohol-related deaths and injuries.

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