When the wine is at its best


Wine, beer and spirits are all on sale at the annual Winter Wine Festival in downtown Chicago, but not all are in the same form.

While some of the best craft beers and spirits, like the popular Goose Island Pilsner, have been around for decades, there’s been a boom in wine, beer, and spirits in recent years. 

The festival is the longest running and largest of its kind in the U.S., attracting nearly 60,000 visitors from around the world each year. 

At its peak, in 2014, the festival attracted nearly 1.3 million people, which was the highest attendance of any beer, wine and spirits festival in the country. 

However, as with most festivals, there are always a few issues with the festival that are unique to each event. 

For example, while most of the beers at the Winter Wine Festivals are made with a single variety of yeast, the same yeast used in beer is also used in many wine styles. 

In fact, there have been some concerns about the safety of the yeast used to make wine in the past. 

But it’s also important to note that many of the same ingredients are used in all of the popular wine beers, so it’s easy to see why it’s an issue. 

While it’s a shame that there is a need to have a separate yeast for wine, the fact that this yeast is so ubiquitous makes it a lot easier to get a good tasting beer. 

When the Winter Beer Festival starts at 6 p.m. local time on January 6, visitors will find all of Chicago’s top breweries, restaurants, boutiques, wine bars and bars, and bars with wine, pours and sips. 

This year’s lineup includes: Goose Island (5,000-plus taps), Goose Island Wine Cellars (1,000) Keller Brewing Company (1.2 million square feet), Dogfish Head Brewing Company, Dogfish, Doggie Beer, Kegs, The Bier Baron, Red Hook Brewery, River North Brewery (500) Oskar Blues Brewing Company(500) Dogfish Heads Brewery (750) Samuel Adams (750,000 square feet) Meadow Hill Brewery (1 million square foot) Cigar City (1 Million square feet, and more to come) Brouwerij Loeffler (750 square feet). 

The event also has a variety of other events to entertain and entertain the crowd. 

You can also pick up some food and wine at many of these restaurants and bars. 

All of these food and beverage events have their own special menu items that are available for purchase. 

And while you won’t find the same food and beverages at the rest of the festivals, you’ll find some great beers, wines and spirits at some of them. 

Here are the best food and drink vendors to visit during the Winter Festival.1.

DogfishHead Brewing Company  DogfishHead, a pioneer of American craft brewing, is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018 with the Winter 2017 Festival of the Dog.

The festival features over 20 different breweries, including Goose Island, which is home to some of Dogfish’s most popular beers.

Beer fans can get a taste of Goose Island’s signature beer, the American IPA, and it’s brewed in small batches, making it one of the freshest beers in the world. 

Dogfish’s IPA is one of many signature beers that they make for their festival. 

It is brewed with a combination of three different ingredients: malt, hops and yeast. 

With its bright golden color and citrusy taste, this beer is perfect for the holidays. 


DoggDog Wine Cellar  A big name in the craft beer world, Dogg Dog has been brewing beer since 1989. 

Dogs beers have been enjoyed in the summer and winter months, including in the winter months. 

There are four different styles of Dogg Dogs. 

Each style is different, but they all taste the same. 

“I love the crispness and crispness of the hops in our beers, but the citrusy character in our wines,” said Doug Stross, founder and CEO of DogGDog Wine. 

Wine lovers can try some of his favorites: the Dogg’s Winter Beer, which includes a porter with ginger, peach and pineapple aromas and flavors, and a Pernod-Roma that has an alluring grapefruit finish. 


The Boudin Cellars  Boudin, which has been serving Chicagoans for over 125 years, is the oldest and largest restaurant in Chicago. 

Bodin is known for its unique beer and wines, which include a rotating selection of beer and wine, including the award-winning Goose Island and Dogfish. 

They have the distinction of being

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