What’s in a wine?


The alcohol content of wine is often a matter of dispute.

But it’s also a matter that gets a lot of attention.

What’s in the wine?

The official answer to this question is ‘very little’, according to Dr James Parnell, professor of wine and spirits at Monash University.

What it’s not: It’s not really a wine.

Wine has about 40% alcohol by volume, according to the Australian Beverage Association.

That’s about equal to what you get from a bottle of vodka.

It’s the same alcohol content as the beer you buy in a supermarket.

But if you’re drinking a beer that has just about 80% alcohol, the alcohol content is going to be much higher than that.

Dr Parnill said there was a ‘high degree of uncertainty’ around the wine’s alcohol content.

He said it’s usually a matter for experts to work out and the official answer was ‘very, very little’.

“If you drink a glass of wine, it’s a lot better than if you drink five glasses of wine,” he said.

“And that’s what people like to talk about.

Wine is good, wine is not.”

What’s the truth?

Wine is typically described as a ‘sip’, and it’s often a wine with a high alcohol content that is enjoyed in large quantities.

Dr Parnick said the wine was typically ‘heavy’ and ‘full of character’ with a ‘very distinct taste’.

But what about the wine industry?

According to the ABC, many people who drink wine think it has ‘more alcohol’ than it really does.

But there is no scientific evidence that wine has a higher alcohol content than beer.

Dr James Pignell, who is a professor of the wine and spirit industry at Mona, said it was the ‘truth’ that it had more alcohol than beer and that the wine is generally considered ‘high in alcohol content’.

What’s more, Dr Pignill said he was surprised to find wine being advertised as having a higher level of alcohol content on websites.

“People have been saying wine has less alcohol than wine for years, it was just that there was no scientific research to support that,” he told the ABC.

“The real truth is that we are drinking a lot more wine than people realise.”

What the research says about wineThe Australian Beverages Association said the research was based on a review of more than 20 studies.

They said that while there was evidence that the ‘alcohol content of a drink is largely a function of the type of alcohol in it’, there was also research that indicated there was ‘some variability’ in alcohol levels.

Dr Richard Waugh, an expert in wine and alcohol at Griffith University, said the industry would ‘never say that wine is more dangerous than beer’.

“It’s the absolute opposite,” he explained.

“It may have a higher quality and a higher price point, but in terms of the quality of the wines it’s still going to have the same amount of alcohol.”

What it really comes down to is the wine being a mix of ingredients and flavourings.

“When it comes to wine, we’re still trying to get our flavourings to come through, so it’s all about the flavour.”

Dr Waugh said that wine should be thought of as ‘a blend of ingredients that are made in different ways to achieve a result that is satisfying and not overpowering’.

“I don’t think that wine in itself is dangerous,” he added.

Dr Wich said he believed there were “good reasons” for the debate, but that the scientific research would continue to support wine being ‘higher in alcohol than other alcoholic drinks”.


wine alcohol content

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