Virtual wine tasting: Mdlotter winning numbers


A virtual wine tasting has been unveiled by the French wine-tasting company Mdlotery in a bid to bring the virtual wine-making experience to the masses.

The French wine tasting company MDLotery has unveiled a virtual wine taster using a Raspberry Pi 2 to bring to life the experience of tasting wine using a touch screen.

Its users will be able to view the various winemaking and fermentation processes from the glass of wine they have picked and taste the wines, which can then be sent back to the server.

It was created in partnership with the French winemaker Chateaubriand, and was developed by the wine-maker for Mdlotaory in collaboration with the company.

Mdlotaery’s wine-brewing and fermentation facility at Chateau Dauphine in Paris is home to a tasting room and a tasting bar.

“Our goal is to make wine accessible for the world and the winemakers are a key part of this,” said Olivier de Laval, director of Mdlotitery, at a press conference at the Mdlodtery headquarters in Paris.

In a statement, Mdlototery said: “This virtual wine taste is a new way of tasting wines in the Mds way.

It was developed to bring an interactive wine tasting experience to all who want to try wine, from the most experienced wine-master to the next winemaker.”

The technology uses a Raspberry pi 2 with a touchscreen to allow the user to view and taste all the wine that they have selected from a list of 250,000 wines.

Once a winemaker has chosen a wine, the screen will show the winemaker’s progress on the various stages of fermentation.

It is not the first time a wine-producing company has gone for a touch-screen wine tasting.

In March, a wine company from New Zealand launched a similar experience using a smartphone to give the user an in-depth view of the fermentation process.

mdlottery winning numbers virtual wine tasting

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