How to buy cheap wine in Australia


An easy way to get your hands on cheap wine is to take a trip to wine country, and you’re going to want to do it with a little bit of luck.

Wine travel is about the perfect blend of opportunity, travel and the ability to grab a few cheap bottles, says Mark Pomeroy, the founder and CEO of Wine Country Australia.

He explains the best places to visit to get a good idea of the region’s local flavours.

“It’s really about the mix of flavours, and there are so many different countries there, so you have to be able to find a place that is not too far away,” he says.

“If you’re not looking for the most expensive wines, then you’ve got to be looking for a place where there is a good mix of the cheaper, the middle and the more expensive.”

If you’re in the middle, you’re also in for a treat.

Wine Country, which operates out of Brisbane’s CBD, has a good reputation for getting great wines from around the world.

Its wines range from the more traditional to the more adventurous, with some that are as close to home as possible.

Pomeroys wines are also the best in the state, with wines that are well-known, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio.

But what’s even better about Wine Country is its “wine tasting” program.

There are a few different categories that you can choose from: the premium wines that aren’t as well-established, the more niche wines that don’t have a lot of wine to speak of.

Wine tasting program: Wine tasting with Mark Pymoxley.


Pommes Frites Wine tasting: Pommez Frites, Cabernets, Caboclo, Pinots.

This wine is a great blend of Pinot, Cabo, and Pinots Cabernetts, which is a really popular wine from Cabernettes region.


Pinot Noire Pinot noire.

Pompous, juicy, dry and smoky, with notes of pepper, fruit and a hint of cinnamon. 3.

Cabernét Sauvé Caberné Sauvés.

This one has a lovely, spicy finish, but also has a slight smoky flavour.


Pinots Verlot Pinot.

Pinottos is a French wine made from grapes from the French Pyrenees region.

It has a strong and slightly sweet, almost nutty taste.


Cabocles Cabocloras.

A traditional grape variety from the Pyrenee region, Caboca is a little more spicy and slightly fruity.


Cabriolets Cabriolet.

A sweet, light, fruity wine with a very mild aftertaste.


Pinos Cabotas.

It’s a lighter, more intense, less fruity and slightly peppery wine.


Cabos Verlot Cabos.

This is a sweet, medium, smooth wine that has a subtle sweet aftertastes.


Cabriols Cabriolos.

A medium-bodied, juicy wine that is well-tasting.


Cabo Verlot Cabeza.

This blend of cabeza, a spicy wine, is the best wine for the price.

It comes from the coastal region of Cabeñas, which makes it a great wine for people looking to spend a bit more money, says Pomer.

“The wines are so good they’re not too expensive, and the wine is very well-balanced.”

But if you’re looking to go all in and pick out a bottle of wine that’s really worth the money, you might want to look at the more popular wines from other regions, like Pinot Blanc, Cabro, Pinottoes or Cabo Cerveceras.

“Pompey, Cabogliato, Chardonnay, Sangiovese and Pisco are all very expensive,” says Pymoy.

“But if you want a wine that suits your budget, it’s really a great option.”


The Best Wine in Australia, by Mark Pompeys, is available on Amazon and 2/13 Lifestyle magazine: The best Australian wines, by Julia Trachtenberg and Sam Darr, is a new book from the same author, which also features Australian wines.

3/13 The best local wine in the world, by Julie Smith is a collection of local and international wine tasting guides from around Australia.

4/13 Get your wine fix in the States, by Chris Wylie is an informative guide on the finer points of wine tasting in the US. 5/13 Wine in the South, by the South Australian wine expert Simon Smith, also has an interesting look at some of the more interesting South Australian wines in the book.

6/13 Great wine, great country, by Daniel Koehl, is an overview of Australian

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