What’s next for the Wine Industry?


By Steve Fagan | November 13, 2018 06:18:37While the wine industry has seen some big shifts over the past decade, the industry’s future looks bright for many, and it could be one of the most important.

The WSJ is reporting that a few weeks ago, Wine Spectator reported that the Wine Retailers Association (WSRA) has launched a new study of the wine trade.

The WSRA study, which is funded by a $500,000 grant from the WSJ, looks at the industry, wine buying and wine tasting, and will be presented at a dinner in New York next week.

The study will be led by wine expert, and WSRA board member, Paul Boudreaux.

Boudreson will be the main presenter.

“The WSRA is the world’s largest trade association of the world´s largest wine producers, and the WSRA’s research focuses on trends and trends that could lead to a better future for the wine business,” Boudreau said.

“In the future, there is no question that the wine buying world is going to become a much more dynamic place.”

The study, released on Friday, examined a variety of factors that could impact the wine world in the future.

One of the key issues is that more than half of all the wine sold in the U.S. is produced outside of the U, which could impact future sales and distribution.

Another area that could affect the wine market is the price of wine, which will be impacted by a variety, from price to quality to price, the WSMA reports.

Boudreau said the study is a great first step in trying to better understand how the wine sector could look in the coming years.

The survey looked at the impact of the increase in wine imports, which has been the biggest driver of the industry over the last decade.

The study also looked at wine making and the price, quality and location of the winemaking facilities.

“This is a huge opportunity for the industry,” Brouderaux said.

“There are lots of questions to ask, but hopefully we will have a better idea of what the future of the business will look like.”

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