Iron and wine: A ‘wild west’ of Tasmanian wine market


A “wild west” of Tasmanians wine market has left some consumers scratching their heads after it was discovered the state’s top-selling wine is made with pig blood.

Key points:Spirits are produced in large quantities and often go for thousands of dollars per bottle, says the Tasmanian GovernmentTasmania’s top wine producers are now required to pay $7,000 for each bottle of the red and white winesThey say it could be up to four years before Tasmania’s top winemakers can produce enough of the white wines to meet demandThere are no guidelines about the quality of red wines in Tasmania, but a report commissioned by the Tasmanians Health and Safety Commission has found many of the products are adulterated.

The commission found that Tasmania’s leading winemaking company, Ironwood, has been supplying wine from the wilds of the Tasman Mountains and Eastern Australia for more than 100 years.

Ironwood wines are produced from the skins of animals such as sheep and cattle, and have been in the Tasman region for more then 100 years,” the report said.”

This includes the Redwood wine, Redwoods and Northern Redwoods, which is produced from dried fruit, dried leaves, flowers and fruits, and the Tasman Valley Redwood Wine, which was first produced in 1911.

“The commission said that as of November this year, Ironwoods was supplying wine to Tasmania’s largest wineries, including Redwood and Northern, but only for the two brands which had previously been produced in the region.”

We found that the Tasmania top wineries have not been able to meet their supply needs because they have not invested in the new technology and the quality control process,” the commission said.

Ironwoods’ products are not banned by the state government, but there is a requirement to pay the Tasmani Department of Health $7.50 for each barrel.”

It’s been a wild west for wine for decades,” Mr Henshaw said.

The report recommended that Ironwood be required to produce a total of 20,000 barrels of wine per year.”

Ironwood has made some progress in the past few years, but we are still working towards a total wine production requirement of at least 50,000 litres per year, which would mean a lot of money for the Tasmanias health and safety authorities,” Mr Hawkes said.

Tasmanian Government said it would work with the health department to ensure that consumers were aware of the risks involved with consuming the products.”

These wines are safe to drink and they should not be confused with those made with human blood, which are known to be more toxic,” a spokesperson for the Department of Premier and Cabinet said.

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