How to find the best wines in your local store


Wine searchers across the world love to search for the best of the best, and that’s exactly what we did in this week’s Lads Wine Book.

We took a deep dive into the latest trends in wine buying and consumption to find out which retailers are best suited for those looking to buy the most expensive wines.

But first, we’ve rounded up our picks of the top 10 most expensive bottles to buy this summer, and you can find our full Lads Guide to the best bottles of the year in the full guide.

Here are the top ten best wine purchases this summer.

We took a look at the prices that you could buy the cheapest bottle of wine from the biggest retailers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

If you’re interested in reading more about the wines we found, you can read our full guide to the top 100 best wines.1.

Gros Vos Gringo – £50.95 – The best price you can get for a bottle of Gros Gringos.

The wine is an absolutely stunning bottle of red and white grapes that are a perfect blend of ripeness and strength.

The flavours are intense and the grape juice is full bodied.

It’s a winery speciality, so you can’t go wrong with it.2.

The Grenache Reserve – £51.95 per bottle – This is the highest-end bottle of Grenache that is being sold in the UK, with prices starting at £50 per bottle.

The reserve is an award-winning sparkling wine made from the Grenache grape that is known for its bright colour and intense colour.

It comes in a wide range of styles and comes with a range of aromas and flavours.

It can be paired with the Grenachas classic Bordeaux wine, Cabernet Sauvignon.3.

Le Bernardin Reserve – Black Label – £54.95 and £55.95 respectively – This sparkling wine is made from grapes that were grown in France’s northern Bordeau region and was made for a small local winery.

It is an absolute classic.

It has a beautiful, bright red colour and a sweet, earthy taste.

It tastes great and is available in bottles of around £55 per bottle in the US.4.

The Blanco Reserve – Blue Label – $63.99 and $64.99 – This bottle is made by an award winning winery located in the city of Montpellier, in France, and is made with grapes grown in a small area in the Bordeux region.

The blend of grape varieties and varietals are very special, and the colour and flavours are outstanding.

The blue colour and strong flavour makes it a classic for the home winemaker.5.

Bordeaus Reserve – Red Label – Sold out – The Bordea wines are made by a small winery in the town of Bordeville, and have been produced since 2005.

The red colour of the grapes is quite a special blend, and it is a blend of red, orange and white grape varieties.

It makes a beautiful wine for those who love red wine, but is also an excellent alternative for the winemaker looking to add something a little more sophisticated.6.

Bruges Reserve – Gold Label – SOLD OUT – This wine is a special offering from Brugmans, which has been producing wine since 1872.

It starts out with red grapes, and when it is aged in the wine cellars for several years, it is then blended with some other grape varieties, and produced into this sparkling wine.

The Brugman’s is a very special and unusual wine that is extremely well-balanced, with a rich red colour.7.

The Ritz Cabernets – White Label – sold out – This red wine is available exclusively from the Ritz and is bottled in limited quantities.

The rieslings are grown in the foothills of the Alps and the grapes are sourced from around the world.

The colours are bright and vivid, and a blend made from riesling, red and blue grapes.8.

Cabernavalles Reserve Wine – Black label – £45.95 each – This white wine is bottled exclusively from Cabernas vineyard, and was bottled for its own label in 2007.

The grapes were grown and harvested in the Rota del Mar region in Spain, and then blended to produce this sparkling red wine.

It features a rich, bright and deep red colour, which is a true red colour wine.9.

Cointreau Reserve – Golden Label – Cointres is the name of the French wine region in which this wine is produced.

The wines are grown from the vines in the Rhône valley, and are made with red and black grapes.

This wine can be described as an ‘off-dry’ wine.

This is because the vines are grown and aged on the wine.10. The Vat

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