How the UK will be drinking wine by 2021


The world is going to drink wine by the end of 2021, and it’s not going to be a happy surprise.

The world is on the cusp of the biggest and most expensive global wine harvest ever recorded, with a total of about 20 billion bottles of wine on the market.

The British Government has been predicting a huge surge in wine consumption in the coming years.

The Government estimates that the world will be producing about 1.2 billion tonnes of wine a year by 2020, with the world’s most expensive wine, the French-made Beaujolais, expected to hit the market at around £400,000 ($631,000) a bottle.

This means that we are going to have a huge increase in the number of wines produced by the UK, with around 20 billion of them going into the market every year.

A huge surge of demand is expected to result from the booming wine industry in the UK.

It is estimated that around 15 per cent of UK wine production is now imported, and with the number going up, demand for British wine is set to increase dramatically, with demand expected to double every four years.

And if we don’t get the boom, then we could be heading into a period of declining production.

The UK’s wine industry is expected increase its output by more than 60 per cent over the next decade, and this would leave it facing a shortage of about 60 million bottles of domestic wine a month.

This is a huge opportunity for the industry to export.

It would be possible to export a billion bottles a year, and the vast majority of the wine produced will end up in supermarkets.

A lot of wine is now being sold in supermarkets across the UK and it will be much easier for wine lovers to find a drink they can enjoy with friends.

But what does the world mean by “good wine?”

The UK is now home to the largest wine export market in the world.

It is estimated to have over 50 million tonnes of exports, with imports accounting for nearly 70 per cent.

This means that the UK’s exports are on par with that of countries like Italy, France and Germany.

But we are not the only people who enjoy good wine.

The global supply chain for good wine has a very long way to go before it can be considered good wine at all.

For example, the supply chain of wine, from the winemaker to the wine merchant, takes a long time to develop.

The vast majority (approximately 75 per cent) of the wines we buy in supermarkets are produced in the wine industry.

The supply chain takes many years to complete and then is passed from the winemaker to the merchant to the consumer.

It’s important to note that not all of the ingredients used in the production of good wine are imported, as most of the quality ingredients are sourced locally.

In fact, many of the traditional winemakers and vineyards are being re-invested into new plants and new methods to produce wine.

While some of these are currently being invested, there are also some that have been shut down.

The number of wine factories in the United States is estimated at over 10,000, with several of the largest companies, like Chateau Lafite and Winery Winery, being completely shut down, and some of the smaller companies, including Sommelier’s Wine, have gone under.

In recent years, the wine market has been flooded with wines that are extremely expensive, and these wines are usually produced by high-end producers like Napa Valley winemaker Daniel Bardon and wine baron Michael Valli.

In this era of big-brand wines, high-quality wines have become the norm, with prices being pushed up to as much as £600,000.

But what does this mean for the quality of the drinks we enjoy?

As we look ahead to 2021, it is clear that a big increase in demand for good wines is coming.

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