CricInfo: ‘Wedding’ at the Royal Courts of Justice


A wedding is a celebration of love, and a wedding in Melbourne is not the place to let it go to waste.

A large-scale wedding at the Grand Hotel in Victoria’s CBD, which has hosted more than 100 weddings since the late 19th century, is now closed for refurbishment.

Weddings are not normally held at the hotel’s private venue, but the venue’s owner, Melbourne’s Royal Court of Justice, is keen to avoid any disruption to the local community.

Melbourne’s Royal Courts, which was built in 1885 to accommodate weddings, has been the venue for weddings for more than a century.

It has hosted weddings since 1882, when the Hotel was established as the first hotel in the country to have a private venue.

The Royal Courts has a capacity of 10,000 people, and its capacity is expected to grow further as the venue becomes more accommodating for weddings.

“There are lots of weddings at the venue every day, and I’ve seen a lot of weddings,” said Mark Brown, a venue employee who organises weddings.

“But it is important to keep it in a state of good repair.”

Melbourne Royal Courts said it had recently refurbished the venue and it had already received some inquiries about whether it would host a wedding.

“We have received enquiries about whether we will be able to host weddings at this venue in the future,” a spokeswoman said.

“It is our intention to do so.”

The venue has been in good condition, with some of the rooms still being in use, and the venue has a large amount of room for a wedding venue.

“In our view, the wedding venue has the potential to become an integral part of the local neighbourhood and will provide an opportunity for locals to be in the centre of the event.”

Melburnians have a tradition of attending private weddings at public places, such as hospitals, schools and local businesses, but that is not unusual.

“Wedds are often held at private premises, which have been the exception to the rule,” Brown said.

“People who want to be part of an event like this are always happy to accept their guests.”

Melbournians are a mix of urban and rural residents, with many living in suburbs, and some live far from the CBD.

Melburnia is the only Australian state to be considered a “mixed zone” and has been described as a “urban island”.

A recent study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that between 80 and 90 per cent of all residents living in Australia are of mixed ethnic backgrounds, and more than two-thirds are from a rural background.

Melburdians, on the other hand, have more urban areas than many others in Australia, with Melbourne and Brisbane the two cities with the largest numbers of mixed population groups.

However, the “Mixed” designation does not necessarily mean mixed in every way.

In the case of weddings, “mixture” can refer to a mix between the people who are married at a particular place and time.

This includes people from different races, nationalities, cultures and sexualities, which are often recognised as part of a “multicultural” community.

“It’s a bit of a paradox because mixed is often the term used to describe a mix,” said Dr Anne-Marie Tredwell, an associate professor of sociology at Melbourne’s Monash University.

“If you have a lot mixed people and you have mixed relationships, that’s a good thing.”

But a lot is mixed about a wedding or a private event.

“The Royal Court is a “family wedding venue” where all guests are invited and can be seen in the public area.

Melvington has a mixed population, but most of the weddings held there are private events.

Melbington is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Australia and many of its residents are Aboriginal, with about 25 per cent being of Indigenous descent.

Melbo is an Aboriginal town with a large number of Indigenous people, some of whom have been living in the town for generations.

In 2010, the Royal Court received complaints about a group of Indigenous youths who had gathered outside the venue, causing problems.”

A group of about six or seven people were on the premises and they began banging on doors and windows,” a witness told the ABC.”

I said ‘you can’t come in, you can’t be here’.

“One of the young people went up and started banging on the windows and the people upstairs said ‘we can’t allow you in’.”

Melbourne has an Aboriginal population of about 20,000.

The Royal Court has a very diverse population, with Aboriginal people making up about 10 per cent, and of those, some are of Aboriginal descent.

In 2016, the Grand Jury heard evidence from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, and from a local man who had lived in the area for 40 years.

“He’s been there for

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