Beer and Wine, A Year in Review


A year ago, the year was 2028.

That means it’s now 2019.

But that didn’t stop a new wave of beers and wines coming out.

Here are 20 of them we’ll be talking about throughout the year.

The beers, wines and other alcohol-infused drinks that will be pouring out of the taps.

The beer: Aye-aye, a beer from a small Wisconsin brewery.

The beer is one of the most popular styles in the United States, so the brewery had to get creative to find a way to make the beer appealing to drinkers who are also fans of the classic German-style lager, especially with this beer.

The idea for the beer came from the brewer’s wife, who is also a professional golfer and has a strong affinity for beer.

“We just decided, ‘This is a beer for a woman who loves beer,'” said co-founder and head brewer Matt O’Connor.

O’Conner’s wife and the brewery also brought in a local artist to make their beer, and the team decided to call it Aye to-aye.

It’s a traditional lager brewed in the style of a German ale, but with a bit of a hop kick.

Wine: A white wine with a black cherry aroma.

A couple of years ago, this was the first wine to go on sale in the US.

The wine is a seasonal favorite in the Midwestern US, so O’Brien says he and his team wanted to create a wine that could appeal to the folks in Wisconsin who love red wine.

“They really want to taste the wines,” he said.

Aye-ay is available in about three dozen states, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa City, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Missouri and Tennessee.

It will be available for purchase at select restaurants in the coming weeks.

Beer: Brettanomyces alpinum, an American ale, which is fermented using a Brettanomyce yeast strain from Belgium.

The brewery hopes that by making beer with Brettanomias, it will bring back the taste of old-time breweries that once made beer, as well as new drinkers who might be intrigued by the flavor of the American beer.

 Citrusfruit, a tropical fruit, is an aromatic blend of three different varieties: a white variety, a black variety and a citrus variety.

The white variety is one Brettanum strain, and is considered to be a better match for citrus than the black variety.

A citrus version of Brettanamys is called Citrus Saison.

Citra, another citrus variety, is another Brettanamic variety.

Tangerine, another tropical fruit.

In addition to the beer and wine, the brewery is also experimenting with the new wine label, Citra: A Citron-like grapefruit wine with flavors that are reminiscent of grapefruit, but have a fruity taste and are a bit more tart.

If you’re looking for a beer that’s fun to drink, Citrus Punch is the one.

It has a light and slightly sweet finish.

This beer was made by a local winery.

The bottle was made in a wood-fired oven in the basement of a winery in the city of Milwaukee.

The winery has since sold the beer.

It’s a good time to be drinking a lot of beer.

As the Great Recession deepened, the number of new beer breweries in the country increased.

Beer drinkers are getting ready to head out to more tap rooms, more wineries and more restaurants.

But there are also more craft beer-loving consumers, and those who want to take advantage of the limited availability.

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