Iron and wine: A ‘wild west’ of Tasmanian wine market

A “wild west” of Tasmanians wine market has left some consumers scratching their heads after it was discovered the state’s top-selling wine is made with pig blood.Key points:Spirits are produced in large quantities and often go for thousands of dollars per bottle, says the Tasmanian GovernmentTasmania’s top wine producers are now required to pay $7,000


How to win a meme on Twitter

The top meme on social media was a meme that called out a famous Twitter user.The meme had the word “I’m a racist” emblazoned on a wall.The image, which appeared to be taken from an old photo of the user, read: “I hate the n—–s but I’m a realist and don’t want to give in


The Premier Wine Cabinet (1940-2015)

The Premier wine cabinet, the first in its class, has been in the collection of The Sports Book for nearly a century.But now that the first premier bottle of its kind is available in a boxed wine cabinet in a new box from the company, it is the perfect companion for the wine lover.This is


Which wine jobs are you looking for?

Wine jobs are definitely a hot topic these days, with many wine bars looking to hire a few new wine-savvy employees to keep the lights on.But are you prepared for the number of jobs you’ll need to get your hands on?Here’s everything you need to know.1.What is the winning lottery numbers?The winnings from the annual


Watch out for this Christmas gift: Wine Online

If you’re in need of some new wine, there’s no better time to pick up a bottle of Pink Wine.The online retailer has teamed up with the Australian Wine and Spirit Distributors Association to release a limited-edition collection of Pink wines in celebration of the holidays.Each bottle is individually numbered and contains a small glass

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