Wines for Champagne lovers?


Wines are great for the Champagne drinking public.

But what about wine lovers? 

A new study from the University of Exeter suggests that those who enjoy Champagne more than once are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than those who drink it once.

Researchers have long believed that people who drink Champagne at least once a week are less likely to die of heart disease.

But the new study suggests that, even if you don’t drink Champagnes regularly, it could still increase your risk of cardiovascular disease by more than half.

“Champagne drinkers are not just healthier than non-Champagne drinking people, they are healthier than drinkers of any other alcohol in the same study,” said Dr Chris Jones, an expert in cardiovascular disease at the University’s College of Medicine and co-author of the study published in the British Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Jones said the study found that those with a higher risk of heart attack, stroke or death from all causes were more likely than those with lower risk to be drinkers of Champagne.

While this study focused on Champagne consumption, other studies have found that a high consumption of alcohol or other alcohol-like beverages is linked to an increased risk of certain types of cardiovascular and other health problems.

The study also found that the higher the Champagnean alcohol consumption, the more likely it was for participants to drink more wine.

And Champagne drinkers were more than twice as likely as non-drinkers to have a BMI above the 35-35th percentile, a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease.

It is not clear why this increased risk would be caused by Champagne, but researchers said it might be because people who drank more Champagne were more active, while those who didn’t drink were less active.

“If you want to drink wine once a month, then Champagne is probably a good way to go,” Jones said.

If you’re drinking Champagne and you have a family history of heart problems, the risk of you developing a heart attack or stroke may be even higher, he said.

“It’s the only beverage that we know that increases the risk for cardiovascular disease,” Jones added.

This study was funded by the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.

The article appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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