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1 of 4 A new category: Wine and Dine With Friends is on the horizon, with the launch of the first of four new wines and dine-in specials to open in Toronto.

On the menu: The Vino and the Dine with Friends, a blend of French and Italian wines that is paired with the restaurant’s signature dish, the lobster bisque.

The Lobster bisque is a dish that has long been popular in Montreal, and has even been a popular choice in Toronto’s wine country.

The idea is that guests can try both the dish and the wine in a small, intimate space, and then pick the one they prefer.

“We wanted to make a wine and dines with friends experience, where people can share a small wine and enjoy a meal together,” says chef/owner Alain Rancourt.

“The Lobster Bisque is so delicious, it’s so simple and so good, it makes you want to eat more.”

The menu includes two dishes: The Lobsters and the Muffins, a classic Italian and French dish that pairs the lobster with a dish of fresh mozzarella.

A small menu of dishes includes: Lobster Salad, an appetizer of lobster, spinach, mushrooms, ricotta and onions; Lobster Scallops, a traditional dish of lobster scallops served with spinach and mushroom; and Lobster Bacon Wraps, a delicious dish of bacon wrapped lobster, grilled onion, garlic, and tomato.

It’s served with fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, and house-made tomato sauce.

You can also choose from the Lobster Chowder, a dish made with a variety of vegetables.

The chef/manager behind the menu is Alain “Alain” Rancoure, who has also worked at La Fortuna and Brouillette, a restaurant in the French Quarter, and in restaurants in London, Paris, and Vancouver.

“When we launched this program, it was a dream come true,” he says.

“It’s a real, real pleasure to work with these great people who are passionate about making great wine and food.

It was a great experience for us to work together, to create a special meal, to see what the customers think of the lobster and the bisque and the lobster scapolo.

It makes you smile.”

Rancre says that while the menu and menus for the new wines are still being finalized, he hopes that they will be available in the coming weeks.

“There are some really great new wines on the menu, but I want to share with you a couple that I think are very special,” he adds.

“I have an Italian wine, but we will be bringing it to Toronto.”

The new Lobster Dine-In Specials are set to open later this year.

The first Lobster Dinners are slated for November 2 and will feature three dishes, all of which are paired with a lobster bisques dish.

The lobster bisqes, made with two types of lobster: lobster tails and lobster fins, are served with white wine and a garlic olive oil sauce.

There will also be a lobster scampi with a mushroom sauce.

The new wines will also have seasonal and local flavors, such as the Lobsters from La Faucet in Newmarket, and the Lobsterer from La Bistro de Tuxedo in St. John’s.

There are also a number of seasonal dishes that are part of the menu that are not currently available in Montreal.

For example, there will be lobster dumplings, crabmeat platters, and lobster stew.

Rancuourt says that he hopes to have these dishes available in Toronto as soon as possible.

“Montreal is known for its amazing seafood, but they also have a very diverse culinary scene that makes this city a great destination for people to come for food,” he continues.

The Lobsters are part, in part, of the overall menu for the Lobisten. “

Toronto is the hub of the wine world and this is a great opportunity for us in Toronto to showcase what our wines have to offer.” 

The Lobsters are part, in part, of the overall menu for the Lobisten.

The menu for all three Lobster diners will be on-trend in Toronto, with several new wines from La Croix, the largest winery in the country.

There’s also a new seasonal dish that is a combination of lobster and shrimp, served with a red wine sauce.

RANCOURS LOBSTER DIET With the Lobists in mind, Rancour says that the focus of the new Lobistens is to bring a more traditional, classic Mediterranean flavour to the table.

“As chefs we want to try to make the menu a little bit more casual, a little less fancy, and a little simpler,” he explains

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