Why the wine industry has gone wine blind

Wine lovers are suffering, but that doesn’t mean they should turn away from their favorite wines.According to a report from the Wine Institute, the industry is suffering from a lack of innovation and a lack and understanding of the current demand for wine.The report found that there were fewer new wine-makers in 2016 than in


Circle K wins three Oscars – video

Circle K has won three Oscars for the film ‘Stella Rose’, including Best Supporting Actress for the award-winning performance by Anna Kendrick.The group were nominated for best supporting actor for the Oscar-nominated performance of a lesbian couple.Stella rose won the Golden Globe award for Best Picture for ‘Stacey’.’Stella’ was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor


How to go from wine snob to wine lover

By DAN KARELLA, AP Wine aficionados are a popular target for wine criticism, so it’s no surprise that the genre is also one of the top trending topics on Twitter.But with the recent rise of Twitter-fueled wine blogging, a new breed of critics is stepping in.Some are tweeting about wines from around the world, while


When did you stop drinking wine?

When I stopped drinking wine, I was 22. Now that I’m 44, I’m still a wine lover.I think the reason I stopped is because I think that if you drink wine, you have a better chance of staying healthy and being a healthy person.If you can drink wine while not having any alcohol, that will make


When is ice wine non alcoholic?

Non alcoholic wine is wine that contains less than 15% alcohol by volume (ABV).Ice wine is a wine that has been chilled to below freezing.It is not alcohol, as it is more like beer, but it is non-alcoholic.Non-alcoholial wine is the drink made with less alcohol than 15%.Some people like to call it a “coppuccino”,

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